Diabetic Patient Education

http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=canadian-drugstorein-brand-viagra DAILY FOOT CARE

    • Wash, prezzo vardenafil in farmacia 2017 DO NOT SOAK, your feet in luke warm water.   Use a mild soap and test the water temperature with your wrist to prevent burning of your feet.
    • Dry feet well, especially between toes.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=informazioni-levitra-generico DAILY EXAMINATION OF FEET

    • Examine your feet closely, if you follow site cannot see the bottom of your feet, use a hand mirror placed on the floor. If your eyesight is poor, have someone check them for you.


    • Lubricate your feet to prevent dryness using a moisture lotion. Feel for any sore, rough or tender areas. Avoid putting lotion between toes.
    • If dryness continues even though using dry skin cream, have your feet checked and contact us for an appointment.

levitra originale 20 mg in vendita CARE OF TOENAILS AND CALLUSES

    • Success rate of clomid NEVER use scissors or an instrument to cut your nails.
    • NEVER cut out or dig into nail corners.
    • Allow Dr. Lear-Rayborn to trim your nails regularly.
    • After washing feet, pat the corns and calluses dry and rub a moisture lotion into them.
    • NEVER tear off loose skin.
    • NEVER use corn or callus remover products, these contain acids that can burn your skin and may cause a sore.
    • NEVER cut corns or calluses. Allow Dr. Lear-Rayborn to trim them.


    • NEVER go barefoot.
    • Shoes should fit properly allowing room for all toes to be in their natural position. Break in shoes gradually to avoid blisters.
    • Avoid tight fitting and pointed shoes.


    • Athlete’s Foot is caused by a fungus which likes warm, dark and moist areas.
    • Always notify the office of any itching, blistering or scaling occurring between the toes or on any part of the foot.


    • Walking is your best exercise for the feet, but one must always have shoes that fit properly.

Always remember to check with Dr. Lear-Rayborn if you have any questions or problems occurring with your feet. I will always be available to answer any questions you might have regarding foot care.